Product 1.0

Product 1.0
for New Innovation

We will help launch 1.0 version of your product

Come to us with your new innovation idea, and Go-to market with a Product 1.0

For any company pursuing new innovation, our Product 1.0 solution includes:

  • Product design & architecture

  • Product development & testing

  • Product release & deployment

As an entrepreneur and founder, you just play the role of a product owner, and we will take care of the rest. You don’t have to worry about handling the technology challenges, building a team, or about having the right process and tools. We will handle all these aspects, and will help you go to market with a Product 1.0 launch in the fastest and most cost-effective manner, so that you can validate your product with early adopters.


With our Product 1.0 solution, any company pursuing new innovation can:

  • Mitigate risks and avoid initial capex

  • Leverage our engineering expertise & product DNA

  • Quickly scale up and execute

  • Preserve scarce startup capital by targeting early validation

  • Demonstrate product viability, enhancing ability to raise capital

  • Preserve entrepreneurial bandwidth and focus on core, strategic business aspects


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Sinzer is a provider of online solutions for Social Impact Management, widely used by various stakeholders including public authorities, enterprises and investors.

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