Team Extension

Team Extension
for Scaleups

Grow fast with Continuous Product Innovation

Achieve enhanced delivery capability, target rapid adoption and market expansion

Rapid and continuous growth is critical for survival in the software business. There is no room for complacency, and slow growth is almost a guarantee for slow death. Once you are past the startup stage, and become a scaleup, you must transform your product organization to align with your product life cycle, and target rapid growth. Our distributed ‘Team Extension” is an ideal solution for scaleups and offers:

  • A dedicated team with the right mix of skills working as a seamless extension of your native team

  • Expertise to guide and execute your technology & product roadmap

  • Mentoring and team incubation

  • Agile processes with workflow support for distributed development

  • Tooling and process automation for consistently high quality


Our unique “Team Extension” solution for scaleups offers :

  • A dedicated team with top notch technology skills in right roles

  • Team structure and design to build the right product organization

  • A service delivery model that allows you to focus on growing your business

  • Team incubation to ensure that your distributed teams scale up and produce in tandem with your native teams

  • Additional development capacity to pursue your product and innovation roadmap

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MPO is a fast-growing provider of cloud- based supply chain management solutions to the logistics industry.

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