Technical Architect (Rec-2015)

Posted 3 months ago

Job Summary:

With a vast experience of having built several releases of products that are used by customers of various product organizations, coMakeIT has built strengths in evolving technology roadmap for customers. To serve this growing demand, coMakeIT built its Technology Innovation Center (TIC). There is a need for technology leaders who can hand hold customers as they transform their products into modern architectures using technologies that enable and sustain rapid growth.

This role is one of those few that enable this transformation.

As a proven technology leader, you demonstrate capabilities of deep product and technology design thinking at the core. You should have worked on multiple releases of software that are bringing in a combination of functional and technical improvements, modernizing the product, easing deployments and addressing major customer dissatisfactions.

While the skills are modern and demanding, the role is one of learning, educating, adapting and nurturing these capabilities in a way that large scale adoption in a product organization is possible. You are seen as an architect that is fully hands-on with ability to evolve a roadmap and guide the team how they can realize the goal by doing it first.


  • Interact with product owner, project manager/Scrum Master and development team members to develop a strong understanding of the product development and testing objectives.
  • Architect, Design, develop and refactor modules/components to address business and technical use cases.
  • Review the code written by peers, suggest and help improving the code.
  • Help define and establish standards and guidelines.
  • Use existing tools and techniques to execute test cases and build/script new tools for performing testing/validation function.
  • Participate in troubleshooting and triaging of issues with different teams to drive towards root cause identification and resolution.
  • Document, track and escalate issues as appropriate, using defect tracking tools or similar tools/means.
  • Production deployment of applications and perform validation testing during the off-hours maintenance windows.
  • Provide technology leadership to ensure the architecture is robust
  • Mentor and guide team members towards building and maintaining high quality product

Minimum Requirements:

Technically, you should be on top of the current technology stacks with deep understanding of various patterns and anti-patterns. Areas of strength built with years of experience could be in:

  • Java/.Net/Scala/Go,
  • Angular/React, Cordova
  • Amazon/Azure/CloudFoundry/GoogleCloud
  • SQLServer/Oracle/MongoDB/Cassandra
  • Strong CI/CD using tools like Maven and deployments using Docker, Kubernetes

Areas of new learning with less experience yet high confidence in some of the below:

  • IoT platforms – WSO2/Azure IoT/Amazon IoT/GE Predix/Siemens Mindsphere/other
  • Machine Learning – Using Python/Other, Azure ML/Google TensorFlow etc.

Additional Qualifications:

Critical differentiators could be:

  • Participation in design and development of products/software that are used by more than 100K users on cloud
  • Participation in design and development of multiple releases of mobile applications that are used by most employees in large enterprises or used by large number of consumers
  • Participation in design and development of high speed transaction systems such as payment gateways, IoT gateways etc.

Passion for thinking beyond the limits

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