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Kiran Madhunapantula


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Kiran is co-founder and COO of coMakeIT and is based in Hyderabad, India. Kiran grew from a talented technology architect and evolved into a widely respected leader in the technology sector. He is recognized for his deep insights into agile development, product management, and software engineering.

Since its inception, Kiran has successfully led the growth of coMakeIT over the past 16+ years and has helped numerous clients achieve significant business growth through enriching partnerships. His mantra for success is achieving operational excellence in software development by aligning people and processes.

Kiran is passionate about Lean Software Development, Scrum, building high performance teams, and organizing distributed innovation. He holds a strong view that ‘Trust’ and ‘Transparency’ should be the bedrock for successful offshoring, and has built and nurtured all his customer relationships with the same spirit.

Kiran is also a great believer in finding the right people and empowering them to do their best. Kiran’s people skills were instrumental in ensuring that coMakeIT has one of the best track records in attracting and retaining some of the finest technology talent in India, with one of the lowest attrition rates in the Industry.

Kiran is currently the President of India-Netherlands Business Circle chapter of Hyderabad, and works with various public, and private agencies to promote business relations between the Netherlands and India.

Through a non-profit, Kiran is working passionately to enhance skill development in rural India, to promote human capital development and national growth.