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With the explosion of new technologies, architectures, and business models, your legacy applications are in desperate need of  modernization. Given the rapid pace of change, it is perfectly natural that you may not have all the skills and expertise to modernize and will need to collaborate with an experienced partner to get it right.

From aging architectures to aging technologies (Progress, Cobol, old versions of Java, VB/ASP) we helped numerous businesses from diverse domains to modernize their software with a variety of strategies ranging from – refactor, rearchitect, to rewrite. We craft modernization journeys in such a way that your legacy investments are protected, deep domain knowledge is leveraged, and current customers and installations are supported.

Our modernization strategies solve numerous customer pain points, some of which might be familiar to you also:

  • Inability to make incremental changes and deliver timely updates due to tightly-coupled architecture
  • Shrinking pool of people with skills in legacy technologies
  • Difficulty in providing modern integration capabilities which are critical for customer’s growing business landscape
  • Lack of modern UI and inability to support new class of mobile devices
  • Security concerns arising from end-of-life support for 3rd party software libraries

AppTransformTM  is coMakeIT’s holistic way of transforming legacy software into fully-modern and future-ready applications and offers the following services:

  • Assessment & Strategy
  • Technology Modernization
  • Cloud Transformation
  • Architectural Modernization

We are perfectly equipped to partner you to craft and execute the best strategy to meet your unique modernization needs.

Let’s start with a completely free assessment of your legacy software.

Customer Speak

Proven track record of customer success with tangible business outcomes

coMakeIT | Schedule a Meeting for Legacy Software Assessment

“ We no longer had to worry about capacity constraints or technology capability, which freed us up to focus on expanding our business, and serving our customers well. We literally changed the engine while still flying our aircraft, and reengineered our product architecture to facilitate SaaS deployment. ”

Dr. Martin Verwijmeren
CEO and co-founder, MPO

Success Story

coMakeIT | Schedule a Meeting for Legacy Software Assessment

“ We are delighted at the success of our partnership with coMakeIT. They functioned like a true strategic partner and helped us in multiple ways. coMakeIT helped setup a high-quality team which realized significant improvements in quality, process, and product management. ”

Gert Kwetters
Owner, visionplanner

coMakeIT | Schedule a Meeting for Legacy Software Assessment

“ coMakeIT helped us recruit highly-skilled developers and architects with expertise in diverse technologies. What we liked most was the fact that we were able to personally interview and select from a pool of experienced professionals. coMakeIT further helped us to integrate them with our teams in the Netherlands through frequent travel, and now they innovate, collaborate, and deliver seamlessly as a unified team. ”

Winfried van Holland
CTO, Iddink Group

Success Story