Meri lockdown ki kahaani

coMakeIT | Meri lockdown ki kahaani

Hearing the sounds of different birds and squirrels along with the alarm is how my day begins. It’s even more beautiful watching those birds and sometimes butterflies too.

I’m so glad that this lockdown has bought inner peace to the soul by staying connected more with the nature, working from home and eating home food.

Playing online games(Ludo and UNO) with friends and sometimes colleagues has become a way to escape boredom and to stay connected.

Helping my mom with the household chores, listening to music adds to my daily routine and trying out new recipes to cook during the weekends for my family.

A small walk in the balcony and watering plants accompanying a nice cup of tea are how my evenings be like.

As I am out of colors, managing to draw pencil sketches or learning new things after the work. Mandala art has become my new interest.

Hope everyone is cherishing the lockdown moments in your own way.
Stay positive and stay productive.

I nominate V Lohitha, Damera Praveen and Swathi Dadi to share their lockdown stories and experiences.

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