Offshore Development

Flexible Development Capacity


Scaling up software development capacity, especially in mature western economies is never easy. At the same time, you can’t afford to let skill shortages and capacity constraints hamper your product and technology roadmaps. Our offshore services provide flexible development capacity, that enables you to:

  • leverage the vast pool of talent across diverse technologies, available in India
  • quickly recruit and on-board skilled developers from a pre-screened pool
  • ramp up without having to worry about infrastructure bottlenecks
  • flexibility to scale as per your changing needs

Dedicated teams

When your need is much more than a few developers and calls for full-fledged teams that can function independently, we have the perfect offshore development service offering through our dedicated teams that:

  • lets you recruit, setup, and manage teams customized and dedicated to fulfill your needs
  • helps you quickly establish and operationalize teams (using our innovation accelerator TOP Cloud™), that work exclusively for you alone
  • enables you to either replicate your native process or adopt a process better suited for a distributed environment

Dedicated teams


Global Innovation Center (GIC)


For strategic business reasons, as an ISV, you wish to expand and diversify geographic footprint of your R&D or innovation capability through an offshore development center, but lack the financial/management bandwidth needed. coMakeIT’s offshoring services help you overcome these constraints and set up a Global Innovation Center (GIC):

  • consisting of multiple teams, with fully integrated process and workflow to support distributed, yet collaborative development
  • with skills, expertise, and capabilities to handle complete range of innovation needs
  • with all critical roles, functions and mature governance to support your complete portfolio of products and services
  • without the financial burden and other operational risks, yet having all the advantages of a captive, offshore development center

Global Delivery Center (GDC)

As a system integrator, you offer multiple, value-added services customized for different domains and geographies, which need additional, flexible capacity. On top of that, very often, you also encounter the twin challenges of meeting demand spikes and keeping cost of services at an optimal level. With our offshoring services, we help you set up a Global Delivery Center:

  • with multiple teams that can either serve specific domains or geographies
  • with complete end-to-end capability to support all your product and service lines
  • with flexibility to handle demand spikes
  • that can significantly lower and optimize the cost of services through a judicious mix of onshore and offshore resources

Global Delivery Center (GDC)



You could be an ISV or a System Integrator (SI), or a Technology vendor with a long-term perspective of having a fully-owned captive, offshore development center. At the same time, you are also looking for a collaborative, local partner, who can share the financial and operational risks, and lets you take full control in a gradual manner. We have an ideal offering through our company-as-a-service, that:

  • helps you to setup an offshore unit in the form of a GIC or GDC, leveraging our shared services, infrastructure, and branding
  • lets your offshore unit scale and mature gradually
  • shares financial and operational risks of setting up and running the offshore unit
  • enables you to spinoff the offshore unit into a fully-owned captive, i.e. into a separate legal entity, on mutually agreed terms

Transparent Governance through Offshore Steering Committee

Irrespective of the scale and nature of services provided, all offshore development services delivered by coMakeIT are governed through simple flexible contracts and offer transparent governance. As part of on-boarding new customers, an Offshore Steering Committee (OSC) will be constituted consisting of delivery and executive management of coMakeIT and customer’s designated representatives. The OSC will handle the following functions:

  • Periodic assessment and review of the team performance
  • Evaluate the quality and delivery metrics
  • Identify areas of improvement in terms of process and technology
  • Assess adequacy of current and future capacity to fulfill business needs

Transparent Governance through Offshore Steering Committee

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