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Platform Engineering

We create value and business for you through exchange of services between producers and consumers on your platform

We believe that a product either becomes a platform with continuous innovation or becomes part of another platform.

Platforms are the next level of products.

We have experience in building enterprise-class platforms.

We help you win with platforms

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We assist in

  • Building a robust platform that provides a great foundation to the producers and consumers for their transactions.

  • Building communities to enable network effects, which in turn helps you increase your business. We know communities are the heart of platforms.

  • Co-creating marketplace apps using the platform SDK and IDE.

  • Leveraging Economies of Scale and Scope to create a better business.

  • Continuous Innovation

Our offerings

Product to Platform Transformation

Transform your products into platforms by the principle of continuous innovation. We help you evolve the technical capabilities of your software product to grow it into a platform.

  • Implement business capabilities with modular and composable technologies exposed through APIs
  • Provide reusable components, developer tools, and self-service developer portal
  • Embed Security into the workflows
  • Respond more quickly to change, drive faster time to market, increase scalability and decrease operating costs
Platform Building

Use our niche expertise to build your platform

  • Select relevant technology stacks in line with business goals.
  • Build IDE and SDK to enable businesses to easily plug and play with platform modules and capabilities.
  • Deep knowledge of Agile and DevOps practices, Technology platforms (including low-code) for quick MVP development and deployment.

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Success stories

The cooperation with coMakeIT helped us to develop a brand new software platform for measuring impact with a short time to market (within 6 months!). The product launch was very successful: prospects, clients and partners are all enthusiastic!

Marlon Van Dijk

Managing Director, Sinzer

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