Product Development

Product Development

Software product companies are most vulnerable to the dual threats of business model and technology disruption. To meet the challenges of continuous disruption in a fiercely competitive landscape, product companies must have sophisticated capabilities for agile software product development. coMakeIT provides the following custom software product development services:

Product 1.0

Product 1.0<

We help you build a Product 1.0 which will enable you to:

  • Design, develop, test, and release the first GA (General Availability) version of the product
  • Deliver a product with well-rounded functionality (with bells and whistles), non-functional features and customer delight enhancements
  • Achieve the 1st milestone in your product/technology roadmap
  • Mitigate technology and delivery risks, and achieve quick scaling
  • Demonstrate product viability and attract funding for expanding solution and market footprint

Iterative Product Development

In an increasingly connected and digital landscape, software product development is agile, flexible, and iterative. Gone are the days of big-bang releases, and especially with the advent of DevOps and continuous release practices, product companies need a setup to support iterative product development and continuous delivery, i.e. in other words continuous innovation.

Continuous Innovation of software products demands a tightly integrated, yet agile product organization with right people in right roles, and cutting-edge development processes to ensure engineering/functional quality, supported by automation and tools. coMakeIT’s unique, collaborative delivery framework TOP CloudTM helps you achieve precisely such an integrated product organization, across locations, in the form of a distributed software factory to enable continuous development of software products and services.

coMakeIT’s iterative product development services include:

  • Release planning
  • Backlog creation and prioritization
  • Sprint planning
  • Sprint execution (functional testing is an integral part of product development in every sprint)
  • Deployment

In a continuous delivery environment, functional testing of the software is an integral part of the development sprint, and is no longer handled as an isolated, post-development, or pre-release activity. Built-in quality is achieved in every sprint through:

  • code reviews and unit testing (ensuring engineering quality)
  • functional testing including test case development (leveraging definition of done and acceptance criteria) and test case execution or exploratory testing (ensuring functional quality)

Digital-native application development

Mobile developemnt

In a business and technology landscape that is increasingly demanding a digital-first strategy, a significant part of new product development (and/or reinvention of legacy products/applications) is in the form of digital-native applications. Our digital-native application development services include:

  • drafting the right digital product strategy to meet your technology and business goals
  • painting the application layer, service layer, and deployment landscape
  • assisting in making technology and architectural choices
  • undertaking end-to-end digital-native application development

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