Product Innovation

Product Innovation

coMakeIT enables you to take the first steps in transforming abstract ideas into tangible, cutting-edge software products through a complete set of software innovation services including Product Ideation (vision, mockups, and prototypes), System architecture and design, Experience design (UX, UI), and Minimum Viable product development.

Product Ideation


You could be a startup seeking to productize a brilliant idea or experimenting with product-market fit. You could be a scale-up on growth path, looking to expand your solution footprint, or you could be an enterprise-class ISV exploring the possibility of developing a new module to support additional features or functionality. Irrespective of your size, position, or need, our Product Ideation services help you quickly extract

  • a product vision,
  • make initial technology choices,
  • develop mock-ups, and
  • prepare release plans

System Architecture & Design

With extensive experience in delivering enterprise class software products to global markets, our expert team of product architects can help you make the right architectural choices, and develop a robust solution design. Our architecture and design framework considers various functional and non-functional requirements of the product such as access, availability, scalability, security, performance, deployment, delivery, integrations, and configurability.

coMakeIT’s architecture and design service capabilities are domain agnostic, support a wide range of popular technologies, and encompass cutting-edge paradigms such as:

  • Event sourcing and microservices
  • Domain-driven design
  • Multi-tenancy
  • SSO
  • Platform thinking

System Architecture & Design


Experience Design


We now live in the age of software is your brand. Software-enabled user or customer experiences define the business brand. With the impact of digital accelerating technologies such as SMAC, IoT, and AI, enterprise class products and applications are also embracing human-centered design. We help our customers deliver holistic product experiences that lead to sustained user/customer engagement. Our experience design services include:

  • User experience design (UX)
  • User Interface design (UI)
  • Visual design

Minimum Viable Product

You could be a startup seeking to validate your product idea with a set of innovators, or you wish to test multiple solution variants. You need a quick POC to demonstrate a new line of thinking, or test potential modernization/ migration strategies, but you may either lack the bandwidth or the skills to execute. MVP is valuable in verifying market need, validating core product idea and solution direction, demonstrating business viability and attract early-stage funding. Our MVP services will enable you to:

  • Progress from idea to a clickable demo
  • Quickly develop a working prototype with a set of must-have features

Minimum Viable Product


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