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Product Modernization

We protect your business from aging products and applications

We help you identify your legacy technologies, put together a strategy to make your software product cloud-native through architectural transformation, and implement modernization without any interruption to your current business

Assessment & Strategy

Understand where you are, and reach where you want to be

How we do it

A comprehensive assessment: We analyse the current state of the legacy system, which includes the following:

  • Functionality
  • Technology stack
  • Code quality
  • Maintenance and support requirements
  • Any existing technical debt

Identify business goals: We define clear business objectives and outcomes for modernization that align with your organization’s overall strategy and goals.

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Determine modernization strategy: We develop a strategy considering factors such as:

  • Technology trends
  • Market forces
  • Overall business context (product-market-fit)
  • Protection of legacy investments (product reinvention)
  • Operational, and business risks (retaining the customer base)

This includes decisions about whether to re-engineer, refactor, re-platform, or replace the legacy system entirely.

Evaluate technology options: We evaluate relevant technology options for modernization, taking into account factors such as:

  • Scalability
  • Flexibility
  • Cost
  • Ease of integration with other systems (open and modular)

Create an Implementation roadmap: We develop a roadmap, including timelines, milestones, and resource requirements for the implementation of chosen modernization strategy, to reduce the total cost of ownership, and maximize business value.

Technology Modernization

Your competitors could soon outrun you with newer and better products if you don’t modernize your legacy software

Company as a Service
  • Upgrade to the latest version within the same stack.
  • Upgrade to a modern stack to serve current and future business needs.
  • Phased upgrades for each layer to ensure minimal downtime.

Front end

UI’s are changing to give the best possible user experience. Customers move to other products if they find an unresponsive UI. Redesigning and rearchitecting a product is time-consuming work and owners can find quick wins with an updated UI.

What we offer

  • Web-enable legacy applications and extend their life
    achieve a quick UI facelift.
  • Redesign with modern UX frameworks and build reactive applications.
  • Add consistency for branding.
  • Create single-page applications.
  • Update tech stacks to the latest technologies.

Code migration

Various elements of the software stack, such as programming/business languages, and associated IDEs and libraries are continuously evolving with newer and more robust versions.

Through code migration, we 

  • Upgrade your application code from the older version to the latest version within the same stack.
  • Update related IDEs.
  • Update related build tools, plugins, and other dependencies.
  • Upgrade the infrastructure to a modern tech ecosystem.
  • Writing to advance language, more functional, more domain-driven architecture for better readability of code.

Database migration

As is the case with other elements of the software stack, databases are also continuously evolving with newer and more robust versions. Database migration is a key component of a layered approach to application modernization.

We enable data mapping, and tool-enabled database migration, through

  • Homogeneous migration, i.e. migration of data and schema from an older to a newer version of the database with the same engine.
  • Heterogeneous migration, i.e. migration of data and schema between two databases having different engines.
  • Lift and shift: Move from one stack to another or from on-premise to more scalable/predictable cloud infra.

OS upgrade

Operating system (OS) upgrades are not the same as OS updates. They tend to be quite large and consist of significant changes or upgrades to functionality, security, scalability, and performance over the earlier versions.

With OS upgrade, we

  • Upgrade your core OS to the latest version
  • Identify applications that might not work with the latest version and initiate corrective action
  • Provide risk mitigation and business continuity during the upgrade process.

Cloud Transformation

Why pay upfront capital expenses when you can pay-as-you-go. Our cloud transformation portfolio offers the following strategic options 

Choose a cloud service model (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS)

Choose a cloud deployment model (Private, Public, Hybrid)

  • Re-platforming
  • Re-hosting / Lift and Shift
  • Refactoring
  • Re-architecting
  • Re-engineering

We do not recommend Cloud unless it aligns with your business strategy and goals.

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Architectural Modernization

Future needs can’t be met with yesterday’s architectures.

Application Transformation is our way of modernizing legacy software to future-ready applications.

Discover – Define – Protect business logic from the legacy app – phased rebuild/refactor – introduce Continuous integration/ continuous deployment automation.

Transform monolithic architectures to loosely coupled services to enable scaling changes.

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Success stories

We no longer had to worry about capacity constraints or technology capability, which freed us up to focus on expanding our business, and serving our customers well. We literally changed the engine while still flying our aircraft, and reengineered our product architecture to facilitate SaaS deployment.

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CEO and co-founder MPO

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