Product Transformation Services

Product Transformation Services

Traditional ISVs are
in a death spiral

Transformation of legacy software products into digital native applications is key for survival

coMakeIT’s Product Transformation Services help product businesses deal with a multitude of digital disruption challenges including:

Digital Product Reinvention Cloud Transformation Application Technology Modernization

Technology and Business model disruption

We now live in one of the most transformational periods in human history, and every facet of our life is undergoing exponential change. The impact of this change is felt far and wide, across diverse domains and geographies; enterprises are struggling to deal with the dual challenges of business model disruption, and technology disruption by digital accelerating technologies such as IoT, SMAC and AI. Perhaps this challenge is most acutely felt in the software product industry, due to its inherent vulnerability to innovation and technology changes.

Legacy technologies and monolithic architecture

The ISV landscape is dotted with thousands of traditional software products which still run on legacy technology stacks ranging from Power Builder, Progress, Delphi, FoxPro, COBOL and VB etc. Often, these products have a monolithic and tightly coupled architecture, making them very difficult to maintain and support. Facing unprecedented threats from nimble-footed competitors, and demand from enterprises to embrace their digital journeys, product businesses are under intense pressure to modernize their traditional software products.

Legacy technologies and monolithic architecture

Digital Product Reinvention

As product businesses grapple with these tectonic shifts, the key question confronting them is – what should be the strategy for digital product reinvention in such a dynamic and disruptive environment?

Traditional, standalone applications are becoming obsolete, and are getting rebuilt and replaced with digital native applications. Monolithic architectures and legacy technologies are giving way to micro-services based architectures, and newer technology stacks. Isolated products are being replaced by a platform of products and services, where configurability, integrations, and functional richness to support multiple business processes, are key product considerations. Our strategic advisory services are designed to help product businesses adopt the most appropriate digital product reinvention strategy, that best suits their business and technology needs.

Cloud Transformation

The traditional ISV (Independent Software Vendor) business model of installing and supporting on-premise based software products, and revenue model based on licensing is well on its way to extinction. It is rapidly becoming clear that in future, every software product will be delivered and consumed only as Software as a Service (SaaS), and enterprise software will be replaced by enterprise SaaS.

Before embarking on a cloud transformation journey, product companies must choose the appropriate cloud service model (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS) and cloud deployment model (public, private, and hybrid) that best serves their business and customer needs.

Choosing the right cloud model from a service and deployment perspective is a strategic decision, which must be based on the following factors:

  • Impact of the service on operations, delivery, and customer relationships
  • Impact on architecture and technology
  • Impact on business capabilities and revenue streams

coMakeIT’s cloud transformation services help you choose and implement the appropriate cloud transformation strategy that best suits your needs, which could range from an automated (tool-enabled migration) process, to manual processes such as re-platforming, re-hosting, refactoring, re-architecting, re-engineering, and replacement.

Application Technology Modernization

As part of the technology modernization of traditional software products/applications, one of the key challenges that ISVs encounter is in choosing the appropriate technology platform and application architecture. From a future-proofing perspective, ISVs would be wise to choose a modernization approach that will deliver digital native applications, for which, some of the popular technology and architectural options are shown in the infographic below. While there is no one-size fit all kind of an approach, the chosen technology stack and architectural framework must consider the following factors:

  • Scalability: rapid scalability (on-demand), performance, and security
  • Availability: must support always on access (24×7), continuous availability, and uptime
  • Adaptability: flexibility to change, ease of configuration, and modularity

coMakeIT’s Application Technology Modernization services help you choose and implement the appropriate modernization strategy for transforming your legacy applications, which will be dictated by multiple factors including (but not limited to) the current software stack, application architecture, target architecture and technology frameworks, hosting environment, resource availability, time-frame etc.