Social Impact

For every employee and associate that works for our customer teams, coMakeIT contributes a fixed sum every month to support the Social Responsibility activities of Support2Connect, and Madhunapantula Foundation

At coMakeIT, we are conscious of our humble origins and feel very fortunate and grateful for the opportunities that the society provided us. As a responsible corporate citizen, we believe in creating value through genuine and ethical entrepreneurial activity, and also in utilizing our wealth to create opportunities for all.

Our philanthropic initiatives stem from a sense of deep-rooted belonging to the community around us, and we are driven by a sense of purpose to transform rural India towards self-sustenance by helping bring opportunities closer to talent.


Support2Connect is a Netherlands based charity that supports school education initiatives in coastal Andhra Pradesh, India. The aim of this charity is to help the people of India make a sustainable living and gain prosperity. This charity routes all its activities in India through the Madhunapantula Foundation.

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Madhunapantula Foundation

In 2006, we have constituted the Madhunapantula Foundation to serve as a vehicle for our philanthropic activities. For every billable employee at coMakeIT, a fixed sum per month is set apart and contributed directly to the foundation. Our customers should take heart in realizing that they are directly contributing in strengthening our community by their business association with us. Our vision is to nurture the human capital of India so that they can realize their god-given potential. The vision of the foundation is to transform rural India through the following activities:

  • Universal access to high quality primary and school education
  • Human capital development programs
  • Safe drinking water
  • Sanitation (Private toilets for all households and sewerage system)
  • Improving access to quality primary healthcare
  • Rural employment generation through small scale industries

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Madhunapantula Foundation

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Foundation School


The first initiative that was undertaken through the Madhunapantula Foundation is setting up a Foundation School to serve the village of Pallipalem in East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. Setup in 2006, the school started with 25 children, and currently teaches 160 children from Kindergarten to Grade 5.