Product QA

Product Assurance

In an intensely competitive landscape, product and software quality are much more than merely delivering a defined set of functionality, and encompass non-functional aspects such as security and performance. In agile environments, usually engineering and functional quality are ensured through functional testing, as an integral part of product development. coMakeIT’s Software QA services are designed to complement functional testing capabilities, and include the following specialized services:

Test Automation

Even though it is a widely accepted fact that automation leads to consistency, enhanced code coverage, and better code quality, product organizations fail to automate their manual testing processes. In the absence of automation, even a minor slippage in manual testing or inadequate code coverage can have disastrous consequences. Test automation is a critical component of DevOps, which is increasingly becoming the gold standard for continuous product delivery. Our Test Automation services include:

  • Tool selection based on development platforms
  • Framework development
  • Test script development (or automation of manual test cases)
  • Execution of test scripts, analysis, and reporting

Test Automation


TestOps is increasingly becoming a popular paradigm to enhance product quality. Conceptually, TestOps is all about ensuring that product teams can use the needed automated test environment, data, frameworks, and infrastructure without having to perform any time-consuming configuration or setup to start the testing process. coMakeIT’s TestOps services include:

  • Test environment management
  • Test data management
  • Provisioning of testing tools

Our non-functional testing services include:

  • Performance testing encompassing load, stress, endurance, and scalability testing
  • Security testing, including vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, and security code reviews
  • Compatibility testing to ensure consistent performance across multiple devices, platforms, and hardware/software environments

The non-functional testing services are delivered through an automation framework (which execute test scripts), appropriate for the development environment of the product or system, and to ensure continuous testing of the application.

Non-functional Testing

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