System integrators

coMakeIT’s GDC solution enables SIs to lower their initial investment, mitigate risks, and ensure that their GDCs scale up, and achieve global delivery capability.


For System Integrators (SIs) whose business is built around offering value added consulting and implementation services designed around a third-party product/platform/technology (such as an ERP), the delivery capabilities required are unique and must be treated differently from that of pure play ISVs.

As a System Integrator, you could be:

  • Struggling with capacity constraints, effecting your growth plans

  • Facing attrition, impacting customer implementations and business continuity

  • Having difficulty in recruiting experienced, quality consultants

  • Hampered by lack of latest technology expertise

  • Unable to innovate and expand solution foot print

System Integrators need the following core competencies:

  • Extensive consulting, system integration, & implementation expertise

  • Experienced consultants with deep domain knowledge

  • Core expertise in a specific technology/product/platform

  • Solution driven thinking to help customers fulfil their business goals