coMakeIT | Praveen Mishra

Praveen Mishra

VP, Solution Engineering
About Praveen

Praveen comes with 17+ years of product design and development experience.

He is a technologist and a passionate learner who has worked across all stages of software product development life cycle.

Digital transformation, Architecture modernization, multi-tenant architecture, Mentoring and building high performance engineering team are his core strength.

He comes with a good experience of business process automation, decision making rule engines and worked with some of the industry leaders of the domain.

He has also worked on high volume and data intensive cloud platform; He understands well the different aspect of software development cycle.

His understanding is not only limited to the technical aspect, also he understands the long-term vision, operational cost, maintenance, and expansion of the software products.

He believes that the right orchestration and choreography of technology with business processes is the key of building the successful product and services.