Leadership Team

Sashikanth Pochimcharla

Sashikanth Pochimcharla

EVP, Delivery & Customer Success

Sashi’s motto is “operational excellence” and it is easier said than done. Sashi has a knack for understanding the customer requirements, and translating them into tangible operational goals in terms of people and processes.

He helps our customer’s choose the right engagement model, ensures that they have the right people to achieve their business goals and supports them with the right infrastructure and processes. Sashi believes in the approach of ‘first’ seeking the right people, then deciding ‘what’ task to assign them as the key to building successful teams with complementary skill sets. Sashi is also the brains behind coMake LABS (CoE), and has built technically competent teams to assist various customers in handling cloud and enterprise mobility.

Sashi has extensive knowledge of software engineering, technology, and processes for building and delivering cutting edge products and solutions. Over the years, Sashi made significant contributions to developing the Baan and Cordys platforms, in various capacities ranging from that of a software engineer to that of an architect, and development manager. Over the past decade, Sashi was instrumental in scaling up coMakeIT’s operations and enabling the success of its customers.