Technology Innovation Center (TIC)

Technology Innovation Center

Innovation at work

We firmly believe that in the connected world every company is a software company and that most ISV’s (Independent Software Vendors) will either transform into platforms or become part of a platform ecosystem. Innovation is the only option for these endeavors to succeed and coMakeIT is ideally positioned as a competent technology partner to assist ISV’s in this process.

Our Technology Innovation Center (TIC) is explicitly setup to bridge the gap between the potential of emerging technologies and their practical usage in the current, complex business environment. TIC marries theory with practice and makes innovation work for you. The center continuously evaluates disruptive technologies from vendor roadmaps, open source community roadmaps, analyst’s predictions, hype cycles, waves, and various matrices, and brings them into practice through execution of PoC’s, partnerships with technology vendors, trainings, and participation in beta programs, etc.

The charter of TIC is to drive newest innovations for our clients globally.

Through our TIC, we help our customers pursue a strategy of lightning innovation, reduce technology risks, target established domains and markets, and deliver immediate returns with innovations that outperform established way of doing things. Recognizing the fact that, our customers and prospects often have their hands full in supporting their current client-ecosystem, we help them scale their organizations along with their core team.

coMakeIT’s TIC is powered by a team of experienced architects, with leading-edge skills and capabilities in the following hot areas:

  1. Systems of Intelligence and experience based on AI/ML, AR/VR
  2. Connected platforms and product clouds based on IoT
  3. Development and deployment of Cloud and Digital-native applications using scalable and flexible architectures based on MASA, and event-driven frameworks such as AKKA
  4. Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics from big data

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