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coMakeIT’s Technology Innovation Center (TIC) bridges the gap between the potential of emerging technologies and their practical usage in the current, complex business environment. TIC is powered by an experienced team with skills and capabilities in a wide range of emerging technologies, and offers the following services:

  • design and creation of systems of intelligence based on AI/ML, AR/VR
  • creating connected platforms and product clouds based on IoT
  • development and deployment of cloud and digital-native applications
  • using scalable and flexible architectures based on microservices and event-driven frameworks such as AKKA to create reactive systems
  • using descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics from big data

Product Innovation Mindset

To handle the threats of digital disruption and leverage the opportunities of emerging technologies, ISVs must embrace a new Product Innovation mindset, and :

  • Think big with an exponential mindset and choose a transformative purpose
  • Embrace risk and learn to fail fast
  • Use platform thinking and target to serve large markets, domains, and business ecosystems (customer of customer and supplier of supplier)
  • Think about business models that can achieve near zero cost of incremental supply
  • Target innovation in established domains by coming up with new ways of doing old things
  • Scale their organizations outside their core team

Impact of Disruption


To handle the dual threats of technology and business model disruption and survive, every ISV will have to transform into a platform or become part of a platform ecosystem; and to achieve that most ISVs will have to undergo a fundamental transformation:

    • in how they conceive and create software products,
    • what technologies and architectural paradigms are used, and
    • how their products and services are deployed and consumed

Constraints of past success

Unfortunately, for many ISVs their past success also hinders them from achieving the kind of fundamental transformation needed to survive in this digital landscape, as they:

  • are organized in a hierarchical structure
  • have linear processes
  • focus on meeting immediate or prioritized (and narrow) customer needs
  • think and act incrementally

Constraints of past success

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