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TOP (Team Operations Platform) Cloud™

TOP Cloud™ is coMakeIT’s unique platform for collaborative software product development and encapsulates the accumulated product development do-how and insights of its founders and executive leadership.

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With TOP Cloud™, we enable software businesses to set up distributed development organizations with the right people in the right roles, working across locations, using integrated process and tools. Our key value addition is the manner in which we ensure that the distributed teams are completely integrated with the customer’s native organization and execute seamlessly, with a unified process.

We offer a choice of team operational models to setup and operationalize product teams, based on scale and customer need.

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ACE5 is a pre-defined, on boarding methodology that takes the customer by hand, and guides them through every step of setting up and operationalizing distributed teams, and is characterized by a 5- phase process, namely Align, Acquire, Assimilate, Adjust, and Accelerate. Each phase of ACE5 is well-connected and coordinated, with a clearly defined entry and exit criteria.

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ARG (Attract-Retain-Grow) is coMakeIT’s Human Capital Development (HCD) framework, used for recruitment, performance management, and career development of people working for customer teams. ARG consists of multiple components for setting up and managing the customer teams.


JumpStart is coMakeIT’s way of enabling the customer’s team with Software Factory Automation (SFA). JumpStart is used to equip the customer team with the process, tools, and automation for continuous development and delivery.

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