TOP Cloud™

TOP CloudTM is a unique and proprietary framework developed by coMakeIT, through keen insights and decades of experience in building and delivering enterprise class products and services to a global clientele. TOP CloudTM consists of multiple proprietary methodologies, which are executed in an integrated manner to operationalize a distributed software factory for the customer.


ACE5 is coMakeIT’s project management methodology for customer onboarding. ACE5 is characterized by a 5- phase process, namely Align, Acquire, Assimilate, Adjust, and Accelerate. Each one of these phases has a clearly defined entry and exit criteria, and all are well-connected and coordinated. The end goal is to ensure that the team is well-integrated into the customer eco system, intune with its goals, and processes, and geared up to deliver as envisioned.

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ARG, Attract-Retain-Grow

ARG, Attract-Retain-Grow, is coMakeIT’s Human capital program, used for all aspects of recruitment, people and performance management on a continuous basis. We are extremely conscious of the fact that we are in a people-centric business and people are our capital. We are proud of the fact that we have one of the lowest attrition rates in the industry, which is reflective of our best-in-class HCD policies. Many of our customer teams have lower attrition and employee turnover than their native teams.

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JumpStart is coMakeIT’s way of implementing Software Factory Automation (SFA) in the customer team. Through JumpStart, we ensure that the team is supported with the process, tools, and automation needed for a smooth workflow (in a distributed environment) and continuous delivery, and that it is operationalized and ready for production in the fastest timeframe possible.

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