ACE5 guides the overall customer engagement

Structured onboarding is the foundation for success

ACE5 is coMakeIT’s framework for taking the customer by hand, and guide them through every step of building a distributed software factory, in a structured manner. ACE5 guides the overall customer engagement from customizing the generic R&D organizational setup, implementing the software factory model chosen by the customer, setting up the team with appropriate process, to delivery, and encompasses all TOP CloudTM components.

ACE5 uses other TOP CloudTM components such as ARG for recruiting and onboarding the customer team, and JumpStart to setup a development environment with the requisite process, tools, and automation

ACE5 Phases

Phase Objectives Activities and Deliverables
Align Understand the customer’s organization, technology, product, and process landscape, as well as goals, objectives, and timelines to build an outline for the engagement

Engagement Overview document outlining solution description, team setup, technology stack, proposed process, dev environment, and supporting workflow tools

High-level project plan for recruitment, onboarding, and ramp up with milestones and timelines

Selection of software factory model, Organizational blueprint with roles and responsibilities

Governance framework

Acquire Using ARG, build the team and plan for structured onboarding

Customer team recruited and setup as per agreed upon plan

Plan for team onboarding and structured knowledge transfer and implementation initiated (to provide for phased onboarding)

Product backlog and prioritized work requirements

Assimilate Onboard and integrate the team, and using JumpStart, establish distributed development environment

Completion of team onboarding and knowledge transfer as per plan

Distributed development environment established including version control, configuration management, build, integration, and release process

Common understanding achieved between the customer and distributed team on vision, goals, process, standards, roles & responsibilities, and expectations

Distributed Scrum process established for incremental development & delivery

Adjust Produce initial results, optimize process to achieve predictable delivery and consistent quality

Optimized process and workflow

Metrics generated for assessment

Predictable quality and consistent delivery achieved

Accelerate Establish distributed software factory, continuous improvement and continuous innovation

Distributed software factory established

Continuous improvement through governance framework, resulting in accelerated delivery with enhanced quality

Strategic and continuous innovation