ARG (Attract-Retain-Grow)

ARG is coMakeIT’s framework for recruitment and performance management of customer teams

ARG (Attract-Retain-Grow) is coMakeIT’s Human Capital Development (HCD) framework, and is used for recruitment, performance management, and career growth of all the people working for the customer teams. ARG is used by TOP CloudTM component ACE5 for setting up and managing the customer team and the objectives and deliverables of its various components are described below:

Component Objectives Activities and Deliverables
Attract Recruit and setup a team as per the mutually agreed plan in ACE5

HCD team initiates recruitment process in conjunction with customer stakeholders

Sourcing, evaluation, fitment, and shepherding

Employee on-boarding

Retain Establish a progressive, result-oriented, objective culture and performance evaluation process

Cultural and organizational practices for keeping retention low, like frequent travel, and higher level of ownership and delegation

Objective goal setting, KRAs, performance evaluation, and recognition

Career development plan, identification of gaps, professional training, and mentoring

Grow Aligning employee career goals and aspirations with organization and business goals

Competency development plan, tracking of core competencies of associates

Nurturing and training for chosen competency stream

Succession planning for key roles, and leadership training