Jump Start

Jump Start

JumpStart is used to implement software factory automation in the customer’s team

JumpStart is coMakeIT’s way of enabling the customer’s team with process, tools and automation. JumpStart is used by TOP CloudTM component ACE5 to equip the customer team for continuous delivery with an automated framework for continuous integration, deployment, and testing (CI/CD/CT).

Component Objectives Activities and Deliverables
Process Create a development environment for continuous development and delivery

Workflow process established for creating a requirements backlog, validation, and prioritization

Workflow process established for architectural design review, and validation

Standards and process defined and established for development

Test strategy defined and implemented including process for code reviews, code coverage, test planning, test metrics, automated testing, and defect tracking

Process defined and established for code check-ins, source control, version control, daily builds, continuous integration, deployment and release

Scrum based PMO established for backlog management, sprint planning, and project tracking

Tools (for workflow & automation) Support the process with the right tooling environment for all critical functions with an emphasis on automation

Select and deploy tools appropriate for the chosen technology stack including requirements management, design, IDE, CI/CD, test automation, source control, project management, communication, and knowledge repository