Why coMakeIT

Any software business that seeks to build great software products must choose coMakeIT’s unique co-Innovation model over traditional offshoring services, due to the following advantages:

Traditional offshoring risksDe-risking with coMakeIT
Faceless resources and transient teams
– very little integration, low commitment, and high attrition
peopleNamed resources and dedicated teams
– well-integrated with customers organization, high-level of commitment, and low attrition
No transparency into team operations and management
– Resulting in low predictability in quality and timing
transparencyComplete transparency into day-to-day functioning, with full visibility – Team performance is assured
People movement and team are controlled by the service provider – leads to knowledge and learning investment destructioncontrolCustomer in complete control over the team and processes – Investments in people and knowledge is secured
Very basic and handsoff engagement – a customer/supplier relationshipengagementMature, collaborative Partnership – Your issues are our issues
Complex, and detailed contract management – the contract drives the relationshipcontract managementSimple, transparent Contracts – The relationship drives the contract
Rigid and inflexible with defined scope – Issues are not resolved, goals are not metflexibleCompletely flexible and scalable as per customer business and operational needs – Continuous alignment with Customers goals

Across its portfolio of services, coMakeIT’s offering stands out when compared to traditional project-driven service providers due to the following key differentiators:

ServiceKey Differentiators
Product Engineering
  • Software craftsmanship
  • Passion for software products
  • Extensive do-how expertise in building enterprise-scale software for global markets
Application Modernization
  • Strategy to maximize legacy investment, leverage accumulated business value, and domain expertise
  • SecuRef – a regenerative modernization strategy with a safety net
  • A holistic approach to reinvent legacy software as future-ready, fully-modern applications
Digital Transformation
  • End-to-end business transformation
  • Product-centric approach to creating software-IP led services
  • Build capability to be an integral part of a digital business ecosystem
Offshore Development
  • Teams that are recruited, owned, and managed by the customer
  • Consistent quality and output through fully integrated process and automation
  • Complete transparency and flexible contracts
Innovation accelerators
  • TOP CloudTM –  accumulated do-how expertise and insights bundled into a unique platform for collaborative product development
  • Technology Innovation Center (TIC) – to reduce risks of technology adoption, and accelerate innovation
  • Center of Excellence (CoE) –  to provide flexible capacity for jumpstarting software development and fulfilling short-term needs

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