Why coMakeIT

How are we different?


  • Co-creation, an ideal model for collaborative product development with flexible, scalable engagement models
  • Software craftsmanship, Product DNA, and enterprise-scale product development expertise
  • Dedicated teams with named resources that are collaboratively recruited, setup, and managed
  • Technology stewardship and domain-agnostic capabilities to guide your technology, engineering, and architectural choices
  • SecuRef, our own unique IP to achieve your modernization goals
  • Innovation accelerators – TOP Cloud™, Technology Innovation Center (TIC) and Center of Excellence(CoE) to ensure the success of offshore teams and accelerate your innovation
  • A genuine spirit of partnership, transparency, and mature governance with complete visibility into team operations and people movement

Any software business that seeks to build great software products must choose coMakeIT’s unique co-Innovation model over traditional offshoring services, due to the following advantages:

Traditional offshoring risksDe-risking with coMakeIT
Faceless resources and transient teams
– very little integration, low commitment, and high attrition
peopleNamed resources and dedicated teams
– well-integrated with customers organization, high-level of commitment, and low attrition
No transparency into team operations and management
– Resulting in low predictability in quality and timing
transparencyComplete transparency into day-to-day functioning, with full visibility – Team performance is assured
People movement and team are controlled by the service provider – leads to knowledge and learning investment destructioncontrolCustomer in complete control over the team and processes – Investments in people and knowledge is secured
Very basic and handsoff engagement – a customer/supplier relationshipengagementMature, collaborative Partnership – Your issues are our issues
Complex, and detailed contract management – the contract drives the relationshipcontract managementSimple, transparent Contracts – The relationship drives the contract
Rigid and inflexible with defined scope – Issues are not resolved, goals are not metflexibleCompletely flexible and scalable as per customer business and operational needs – Continuous alignment with Customers goals

Why choose us?

  • co-Create future-ready software products with modern architectural paradigms and achieve faster time-to-market
  • Accelerate pace of adoption of emerging technologies such as AI, ML, AR, VR, and IoT
  • Jumpstart your new product innovation without impacting your existing endeavors
  • Leverage our brand equity to attract, recruit, and retain top talent and achieve European
    quality at Indian prices
  • Regenerate and regrow application architecture with a saftey net
  • Transform into a software IP-led business and generate new revenue streams

Why choose us?

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