Women’s day 2018

Diversity of thought, perspective, and ability are important in any field. Technology is no exception. Women in Tech is of course the trend. At, coMakeIT diversity is not limited to gender diversity in coding or testing, and their presence is felt across all aspects of coMakeIT’s business. A Sales Manager, Business Analyst, Travel Advisor, Software Architect, an Inquisitive Tester, Scrum Master and a People Manager are some of the diverse roles in which women are making significant contributions and creating an impact at coMakeIT.

We must hear their voices, not only to learn about the difference they are making, but to also appreciate the great things they are accomplishing as leaders in their respective domains!!!

To celebrate this diversity of contributions, we present a series of blogs by women in various roles at coMakeIT, speaking passionately about their areas of work.

Trust and Talent aligned well with Individuals and Teams can work wonders in building high-performance teams, and will lead to a true Team Nirvana.

published on 8th March

Jyothsna Madhunapantula
Vice President, Software Delivery

Your proposal must create a WOW perception to the prospect

published on 9th March

Sukanya Sundar
Manager, Prospect Engagement

Science meets Art !!

published on 12th March

Satyavani Gorti
Technical Architect

“Inquisitive Minds- the art of deduction”

published on 13th March

Madhusmita Mohanty
Principal Test Engineer

System analysis and risk mitigation using Swiss Cheese model

published on 14th March

Lakshmi Yanamandra
Business Analyst

IoT-based automation is revolutionizing multiple domains

published on 15th March

Usha Madhavi Susarla
Senior Test Engineer

Testing and QA in the age of automation

published on 16th March

Manita Nallola
Principal Test Enigineer

Why should men have all the fun?
Women can also have fun with work-related travel

published on 19th March

Shruthi Mylavarapu
Assistant Manager, Travel and Hospitality

Keeping up with change: Continuous Learning is Key

published on 20th March

Lalita Pannala
Prinicipal software engineer