Demystifying Application Modernization

A white paper to guide your modernization journey from
legacy to future-ready applications!

Why should you modernize?

  • Inflexible, tightly-coupled architecture and closed systems
  • Non-responsive UI
  • Inability to scale due to lack of separation of concerns
  • Monolithic applications and spaghetti code
  • Legacy constraints and inability to deploy on cloud

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    Application Modernization is a critical business need

    Software businesses and enterprises that run mission-critical processes on legacy software must realize that they are sitting on a ticking time bomb. These businesses must also understand that legacy burden could potentially derail their core business, and also prevent them from innovation and success in a disruptive landscape. Even though many technology professionals and decision makers acknowledge that legacy modernization is a high-priority business need, they are unsure of the right strategy and way forward.

    This paper targets technology practitioners and decision makers, and presents:

    • broad overview of legacy landscape
    • nature of legacy constraints
    • application modernization myths
    • conventional approaches and limitations
    • modern architectural paradigms
    • coMakeIT’s modernization strategies